buybuy BABY | Ella’s Toddler Room


‘This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY / Bed, Bath & Beyond, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.’



buybuy BABY | Ella’s Toddler Room

The title seems pretty exact on what’s happening around our home! We’re saying goodbye to Ella’s baby room. Most of you are probably thinking, ‘That’s too soon!’. Which it may be but we’re not perfect parents who do everything by the books… And let’s face it, if you know Ella then you know that she lives her life way beyond her years! Walking at 9 months, climbing up & down stairs at 12 months. She cleans up after herself and insists on never wearing a diaper so she can pee in the potty, she’s not even 2 yet!

Keeping her in her crib was just not happening for her anymore. Made she shed a tear taking it apart but Ella loves her space & freedom of being a girl… Yup, Drew and I are in trouble.

The sister stores buybuy BABY & Bed Bath & Beyond had their grand opening recently in Langley. We had the opportunity to tour the new, big & beautiful store. Check out what they had to offer & I gotta tell ya, we were blown away. The staff were all so incredibly nice and helpful. It was something so GREAT to see! buybuy BABY is the megastore for ALL your baby/toddler needs. I didn’t realize how much there was available until I visited the store. I only wish I had this chance when Owen was a baby and I wish it was open when Ella was born!

For the most part her room is relativity the same with minor changes. It’s really just about celebrating this new transition for her and the fact that were saying buybuy BABY to our little baby Ella & welcoming the grown up little toddler she is! It was a hard pill to swallow, she’ll always be my baby. Her eyeballs lit up when she came home from daycare to see her new room! Making my children’s room a sanctuary for just them makes them feel soo good, confident & grown up.























These Pieces From Ella’s Room Can Be Found At buybuy BABY:

Mint Triangle Comforter & Sheet Set

White Table & Chairs

Pink Suede Clothes Hangers

Honest Company Products

Skip Hop Owl Sound Nightlight

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Keisha Lynne, xx


17 thoughts on “buybuy BABY | Ella’s Toddler Room

  1. You daughter’s room is absolutely adorable! I love how you decorated the entire thing, I couldn’t have done it better myself. I love all the details, you’re very good at designing a room. I’m sure she’s really happy with how it all turned out.


  2. Awww, I’m sure it’s hard and yet amazing to watch her grow up. This room looks amazing! The colors are perfect and it looks so sweet and feminine.



  3. Yes the Buybuy baby furniture looks great and very sturdy. It also looks safe with no sharp corners. I love the white room but wonder how long it will stay that way ha ha! Lovely post!


  4. What a big room for a little girl! I’ve been trying to figure out when to ,make the switch. I keep saying when she crawls out of her crib, but she just crawled out of the playpen the other day so….Soon!


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