Comfortable & Classic Featuring Pink Blush | Giveaway


Comfortable & Classic Featuring Pink Blush | Giveaway

Thinking back my maternity style, I’d have to say that I got better each time around. But it was never this good! Yes, this dress, believe it or not is a maternity dress from Pink Blush Maternity Wear. Nope. Not pregnant. And yes I was a little sceptical about ordering a piece without being pregnant. I do love the looks, styles and the comfort part is an added bonus! The wonderful thing about Pink Blush is that you don’t have to be!!

This on-line clothing boutique has amped up maternity wear for the stylish mother. Helping them feel comfortable in their everyday, helping the mornings become easier when getting ready. You’ll find a wide selection of dresses, robes, tops, accessories and even for baby! Pink Blush’s items are designed to versatility help you look great all throughout your pregnancy straight up until motherhood! You’ll defiantly get your moneys worth when purchasing outfits from Pink Blush.

Looking great is feeling great, I know this from past experiences. Both pregnancies I just made due with purchasing larger sized clothing. When I look back I kick myself in the butt for not making that effort and treat myself to some good quality pieces to wear! I guess I’m making up for it now…

These quality pieces have precise detail from material to cut, offering free shipping, easy exchanges and 15% OFF your first order. Pink Blush wants to make sure you have the best online shopping experience with them!

Pink Blush would love for you to have the chance to try some for yourself and giving away a $50 gift card to spend online! Enter below for your chance to win…

Congratulations Emma Lohnes!









Photos By: Vanessa Marie Studios

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