Floral Celebration


Floral Celebration

Amidst the chaos of Summer I had forgotten to share with you the details from the very exciting blog anniversary, year 2! Two years has become much more busier for myself then I ever thought it would be. Hence the long wait on this post. But it’s been ever so rewarding with newer and bigger campaigns. Trips past and coming up in the future. Family events and goodies. Loving Littles Blog has become a very successful brand in our home and I continue to make sure it does. All while balancing everything else in life!

The joy in it for me, is getting to meet new friends, exploring new places, earning extra income, trying new things, planning fun parties and to just be creative. It’s the perfect outlet for just what I need!

Without further ado and no more procrastinating, the pretty Floral Celebration celebrating year 2 on this fun, crazy roller coaster ride of blogging! You can also find the DIY link to the DIY Floral Ice Cubes here. It turned out prettier then I had imagined it!











Floral Celebration Details

Photography | Vanessa Marie Studios

Pink Floral Cups Straws Plates Popcorn Holders | Joonie & Joe

Florals | Sequel Events

Pink Macarons | Vintage Rose Afternoon Tea

Glitter Hearts | Glitter Paper Scissors

Cocktail Glasses & Coasters | Easy Tiger Co.

Noise Makers | Fun Fiestas By Ili


Keisha Lynne, xx


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