Should We Feel Guilty For Our Success?

Should We Feel Guilty For Our Success?

As women we already carry around an exhausting amount of guilt. But should we really feel it in other aspects of our life as well? As a buisness owner, maker or blogger? Should we really feel guilty for our success in life and building a brand? Should we feel guilty for accomplishing our goals and hitting huge achievements in our careers?

That word, GUILT. I have a love hate relationship with it. Love; that it reminds me to stay somewhat balanced and levelled. Hate; because I carry it around and feel guilty over things that I really shouldn’t. When I first created my blog I never thought it would get to where it is today. As time went on and my work started to grow; I started to get a lot of campaigns and be successful at it. I realized a part of me started to feel guilty for doing a good job. Guilty for accomplishing so much and building my brand to where I want it to be plus more. I felt guilt as a mom, wife, friend etc.

It started to make me doubt what I do because it often took me away from things or people in my life. It made me disconnect from friends who didn’t understand what I do or weren’t proud of me. It took me away from my family and I had to share my focus between family, work and my brand. Juggling everything isn’t easy. But to drop one of those balls would make me so sad so I continue to juggle. I continue to do what I love to do.

All of this guilt got me thinking, I started to feel bad when others didn’t get what I got or vice versa. It made me not want to share my success and how good I was doing. Which was completely silly because of course I should be proud. I worked really hard to get where I’m at. For myself, I hid behind it for fear of “bragging” or making others feel bad.

This is for all women, everyone feels guilt. Everyone feels like they should be better and do better but never compare yourself to anyone else’s success. We all have a different definition of success in our lives. If it’s your brand, blog, work or simply staying home with your children. A successful day is when you can look back over your journey and choose the best parts your most proud of for yourself. What YOU have and not what others have. When you can be proud of putting both kids to bed at the same time or knocking a campaign out of the park. It doesn’t matter what you do or what someone else does. Choose YOUR success and grow from there!

I’ve stopped feeling guilty for the good that I have created, and where I’m at with my blog. At the end of the day what really matters is if I’m happy and if my husband, children are happy and proud of me. They always are and that’s what pushes me to continually grow building my brand!

So should we really feel guilty for our success? I’m going to have to say NO. Don’t feel guilty for working your ass off and making your family proud of you, and accomplishing your goals that make you happy. As long as you show your family & friends how loved they are and they show it back then that’s the people you want surrounding you everyday. When they can be just as proud of your success as you are of yourself!


Keisha Lynne, xx



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