Naturally Fighting Cold & Flu’s with Boiron


Naturally Fighting Cold & Flu’s with Boiron 

This mama has already started thinking and preparing for that lovely cold and flu season. Laundry list is long of things to do and prepare for. I’m almost kind of excited, silly right. But only because we found some natural ways to help prevent and fight them. If your children are like mine and catch everything from school and daycare. Then you will need to continue reading.

I can’t even count how many late nights I spent zipping down to our local drug store and picking up whatever generic medicine I found and giving it to my children when sick. Now a days I find that all of those generic cold & flu medicines always seem to be recalled. It’s kind of frustrating and a little scary. And then if that doesn’t scare you then don’t even try reading the ingredients on the back. Slowly, I became a little hesitant on the medicines I was giving the kids.

Which brings me to my excitement. Recently, I started using Boiron for other things like muscle pain relievers and became really happy with results for myself. So then found these cold & flu products. It’s medicine for children thats safe and natural! Made with homeopathic ingredients. It’s the #1 brand of homeopathic medicines recommend by pharmacists. Boiron has been around for many of years and built up a very high standard for medicines. Only using the best ingredients for our whole family to use. I feel a little more prepared this year, thank goodness because the runny noses and coughs have already begun!

I will use any helpful opportunities that I can around our home when it comes to a sick family. This cough and cold line is a trusted source and helps soothe any pain or discomfort for my family. I want everyone including myself to stay healthy this season, no time to get sick! Three products that I’ll be using this cold & flu season will be…

Stodal Honey

Children’s Stodal Honey cough syrup is a homeopathic medicine used for dry or wet cough in children 1 to 11 years of age.

Stodal is a honey-based syrup with nine homeopathic ingredients. It does not cause drowsiness, and it has no dextromethorphan, diphenhydramine or guaifenesin.


Reducing the signs of cold/flu like symptoms. For adults and children as well. It fights symptoms like body aches, headaches, chills and fever. Also non drowsy! Easy to take, just a dissolvable tab!


This is a very easy to use medicine for nasal congestion, allergies, sneezing, runny noses. You simply just open and drink! No mixing required at all. For children 1 month to adult! It’s sugar, dye and preservative free!

Lets face it, back to school and daycare brings on the runny noses, coughs and more. I’m constantly reminding them to wash their hands, sneeze into their arms and get lost of rest. But let’s face it, their children so if all else fails then bring out the Boiron for quick healthy remedies! Happy germ season mamas!

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Keisha Lynne, xx


  • Disclosure: I have partnered with Wild Creative Co. and Boiron Canada and received compensation for this post. All opinions in this post are my own.

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