40 Things Moms Of Boys Say


I grew up being surrounded by women, we had a family full of girls. So when I found out I was having a boy 7 years ago, I was definitely a little nervous. I had no idea what to expect nor did I have one clue on how to raise one! Eventually everything worked itself out, and I don’t think of myself as a ‘pro’, I do know is that I have heard and witnessed a lot of crazy things. A lot of entertaining moments and a lot of things I wish I never have heard or seen.

image-110.jpegHe’s always been the basic boy, loves his trucks, cars and anything that flies. Of course burps and farts are a daily mentionable. And rough play comes at certain times of the day. But one thing that I can’t get enough of is the amount of love my boy gives! Owen is so compassionate, caring and despite being a boy he’s very sensitive and sweet. Lucky for me he’s free to share his emotions.

To an outsider listening in I probably sound like a broken record. But on a daily basis you can most likely hear these words coming out of my mouth. It’s honestly never a dull, lonely, clothed or clean moment in my house with him. In all of this crazy I really wouldn’t trade it for the world. Owen keeps all of us smiling and on the edge of our seats. To be honest ,I’m sure you moms with girls have most likely have also said a few of these lines…

40 Things Moms of Boys Say

  1. Please aim for the inside of the toilet. NOT the trim behind it, or the wall beside, or the seat itself. INSIDE.
  2. Put the seat down after your finished, I fell in again last night…
  3. We just had dinner, how are you hungry again?
  4. Put clothes on, or at least underwear.
  5. Stop picking on your sister.
  6. Please, don’t break any bones!!
  7. I just bought $200 in groceries, what do you mean there’s nothing to eat?
  8. Do you really think that’s a good idea?
  9. Maybe, you shouldn’t jump off of that.
  10. Yes! I see your peach fuzz ball hair.
  11. Yes! your becoming a man just like dad.
  12. Wash your hands!
  13. Farting & burping. Good one!
  14. Holy, you stink.
  15. Stop running in the house.
  16. I think you need a bath.
  17. Is it broken? Ya, your buying me a new one!
  18. I’m not kidding, you smell. Go shower.
  19. Stop yelling, Ella’s napping.
  20. What is that smell?
  21. How about we say this instead.
  22. No, your not blind. You have bad eyesight but not blind
  23. I dont judge
  24. Cool, the creeper ate Steve.
  25. Please be careful!
  26. Are you okay?
  27. You’ll be okay. Give me a hug and a kissy poo.
  28. Grab a tissue, I don’t really need your bouger
  29. Your my sweet little man!
  30. Holes in your knees again? I just bought these pants.
  31. Don’t rush growing up sweetie. Being an adult is over rated.
  32. Yes, I can add these rocks and sticks to the collection.
  33. Heck ya, I’m a cool mom!
  34. No one wants a ‘piece’
  35. No one wants to wrestle
  36. No one wants to be dropped kicked.
  37. Say Whhhaaattt. Repeat that.
  38. What did you learn today? Nothing, oh good. We wouldn’t want you to learn anything at school today. (enter sarcasm here)
  39. That’s not true, that’s a made up story.
  40. Your my baby O, and I’ll love ya forever and always!!! xo






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