Eat Play Love. Our Getaway Exploring Abbotsford


Eat Play Love. Our Getaway Exploring Abbotsford

Drew and I will always find the time to getaway alone together. Not that it comes around to often but when it does….START THE CAR!! We were so lucky to have the opportunity to explore our own back yard in Abbotsford, B.C. Many of these places we got to experience were very new to us and thankful at that, because we will be back they were that good! Continue reading “Eat Play Love. Our Getaway Exploring Abbotsford”


Renos & Relantionships | Office Space

Renos & Relationships | Office Space

How many of you have gone through renos & relantionships? Drew and I just survived our first minor reno together in almost 14 years as a couple. Just so happened that it all started back in September when we returned home as husband & wife! It all began with one picture from Pinterest. Of course Pinterest… Continue reading “Renos & Relantionships | Office Space”

Back To Basics With Shedo Lane


Back To Basics With Shedo Lane {Giveaway}

Lazy weekend over here at the Johnson’s. We’ve been lounging around enjoying some much needed quality time and embracing our comfy UV protective clothing from Shedo Lane! Created by the makers of SwimZip, they recently launched this new apparel line. Everyday wear with the same soft feel & Uv protection you can wear all year long! Continue reading “Back To Basics With Shedo Lane”

Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}


Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}

Now available at Canadian Tire!

This handy dandy little package is a portable booster seat! Cool right!? I knew this would be a perfect little car companion for Owen especially since he’s at that “Too cool for school” age and thinks he’s to grown up for a booster seat! And I totally understand that. But we still gotta play it safe! Continue reading “Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}”

Holiday Gifts For The Family


Holiday Gifts For The Family

It’s that time of the year again. Where we all ask our loved ones what they would like for Christmas! Over the years I’ve been trying my best to find some top items that everyone enjoys and are also supporting small buisness’s. I’m a little bit tired of buying ‘ok’ items just to put under the tree! That being said I have done a little digging up and resourcing great shops that offer nice, thoughtful gifts that the whole family will love!  Continue reading “Holiday Gifts For The Family”

#FordFusion Family For A Week


Ford Fusion Family For A Week 

Between Drew & I, we have driven many different types of vehicles, but this was our first Ford ride! Our family had the chance to test drive the new 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid for the week. It was the smoothest ride ever! The whole family was super stoked to take this car for a spin… I felt like a high roller, pulling up to the school yard and work! This was actually the first brand new car I’ve ever driven EVER! Continue reading “#FordFusion Family For A Week”

Bonding With Dad Using Medela


Bonding With Dad Using Medela

I think that every parent can agree that those feeding moments are the most precious, whether it’s bottle or breast. That one on one time you get to bond with your baby, absorbing every last minute breathing in their smallness until they slowly close their lids and fall into a blissful nap… Ahhh, the most relaxing moments in a day! Giving thanks to the beauty you created!  Continue reading “Bonding With Dad Using Medela”

Sunset On The Beach | D + K


Sunset On The Beach | D + K

Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better. Drew, me & all of our friends jumped into four different vehicles & drove 20 minutes down the road to our home beach! Defiantly a night to remember. We never wanted it to end…  from what I was told it did around 1am!  Continue reading “Sunset On The Beach | D + K”

Eat, Drink & Be MARRIED!


Eat, Drink & Be MARRIED!

Bam! Just like that we’re married. We had a really nice laid back backyard wedding! Exactly what we wanted. When we first got engaged it was really hard to decide what to do. Get married on the West Coast or the East Coast!? Of course we choose the East Coast because it’s easier for us to go to our family then for them to come here. It’s not an easy thing to plan a wedding never mind one on the other side of the country. Continue reading “Eat, Drink & Be MARRIED!”