Good Job!


The sun is up and so are they. They start they’re day and so do I, whether I’m prepared to or not. Our day begins: breakfast, feeding, cleaning, playdates, company, cooking, cleaning, pick-ups, groceries, time-outs, entertaining, supper, bath, reading, bed time. repeat. All with the daily teachings of right from wrong. All with the worries inside my head asking myself “Am I a good mom?” “Did I handle that situation ok?” Am I the only mom that sometimes feels defeat?” “Am I the only one who can’t seem to get it right?”

Being a mom is hard work, its also the most rewarding work. Its a full-time job, with little to no breaks. Starting from the moment those littles open they’re eyes to when they finally loose the battle and close them at night. It takes every breathing moment you have to be on your “A” game.

But we keep on going.. Our limits are tested and our lives are a whirlwind. Somedays you feel like a chaotic mess of Mary Poppins mixed with Cruella Deville. All for the happiness of our littles. To to guide them, to teach them, see them express feelings, make new friends, learn responsibility, watch them grow up and handle life’s challenges. We need to make these moment speak louder than defeat! Let these proud moments remind you that Your Doing A Good Job, Remember That!

I often walk around with what feels like I’m holding my breathe when parenting. Once in awhile hearing or reading a compliment makes all that disappear and it feels like I can breathe again. Something so small can make such a huge impact to any mother. It’s so easy in life to caught into the “rat race”. So easy to look past your own faults and zero in on others and theres. Why do we forget to compliment the mother next to us? Why do we choose to judge before encourage?

I will admit I use to be that judgemental onlooker the one that use to think my child will never do that! Truth be told, I’m ashamed of myself for judging other parents without being one first. You can never put yourself in another mothers shoes until you have experienced that grocery store meltdown temper tantrum with your screaming toddler. I’m now that parent. The reality is you don’t know they’re story. You don’t know the daily struggle that mother faces with her children.

I have learnt over the years to laugh over split milk, laugh at a blow out diaper, laugh when I can’t find my keys in a rush to leave the house, laugh when nothing is going my way, laugh at my overly tired screaming baby, laugh when I forget the most important thing in the diaper bag and have to improvise. Yes, I laugh a lot!

Parenting is a challenge enough. We need to come together and support one another rather than try to bring each other down because of what we think is right. I can proudly say that I’m not a perfect mother. I think a good mom isn’t perfect. A good mom will make mistakes. She will wonder and have doubt. She will feel confused, anxious, frustrated and nervous. She will learn from her mistakes and does all she can to be the best mom she can be for her littles!

Take a breath, give yourself some grace because “You’re doing a good job, remember that!”

Keisha, xo


5 thoughts on “Good Job!

  1. I love this! So many feelings I’ve felt before, doubting myself and feeling like a failure! You’re so right, it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had, but the rewards are greater than I could have ever imagined! Thanks for sharing, I definitely needed to hear this today!


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