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Lifestyle Meets Comfort | La-Z-Boy Vancouver Feature {Dressing Up Small Spaces}

I’m so excited to announce that I have posted some of my advice & tips in regards to making your small space feel big! If it’s by adding or re-arranging. What inspired this post over at La-Z-Boy’s Lifestyle Meets Comfort Blog was the one thing we forgot to do when we purchased our home! Measure, measure the stair way to our living room in our town home. Because we didn’t we realized that our beautiful sofa set just couldn’t fit upstairs. Now I’m sure that this has happened to many others and the more we researched this the more we found out that it is!

A lot of homes are now being made smaller and more modern. Creating tight spaces, I loved finding out about La-Z-Boy’s Urban Attitudes that’s a great problem solver for situations like ours.

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Dressing Up A Small Living Space with Urban Attitudes


Photo via Coco Lapine Design @pinterest

Keisha Lynne, xx