Maven Warrior At ‘Built For This Baby’+GIVEAWAY


Maven Warrior At ‘Built For This Baby’

Being able to experience ‘Built For This Baby’ felt like a dream. As a mom to two, breaking away for a day to myself rarely ever happens but needs to more. For my well-being and my families as well. Having alone time is usually spent either at work or heading to the grocery store! The fact that I was able to sneak away for  a full day of nutrition, yoga, meeting new moms & eating lunch alone was a magical day!

A little bit about Built For This Baby

It’s a newly launched pregnancy and postpartum program created by Georgia Morely. A certified doula, holistic nutritional trained chef & yoga instructor. She created B4TB to bring together and empower women by supporting each other and remembering the empowerment of pregnancy and labour rather than remembering the negatives or worrying about the judgement. Allowing them to better connect with themselves as women.

img_8979-1It was held at The Juice Truck in Vancouver. The setting was so chill and the mood was just so relaxed. Being in a room full of moms that are experiencing the same challenges, defeats, accomplishments and pride made me melt into a glorified feeling! The day started with a group meet and greet with tea. Some good old fashioned adult talking! That led into meditated yoga by Georgia. The best kind of yoga! We were graced with Desiree Cuff from Rock A Baby Guru and she chatted about her story and Q&A as a group. She helped us figure out a good sleep routine that worked specifically for us! We had the best lunch every made by the juice truck, so good I went for seconds! Nutrition talk was also led by Georgia who really knows her stuff! Jacqueline chatted about visions + goals! Ending with goodies bags!!

I was so lucky to be one of the many women included in this day. I left feeling so relaxed and in the know. I felt and remembered what it was like to treat myself and to feel centred again. The best part of the day was being able to meet Georgia and thanking for having her enter my circle. For some people you meet for a reason, her grace, knowledge and energy was just so welcoming! It was a day to remind myself to take that time and to treat myself.

I’m so thankful for what I have and the people that I’ve met from this day. I’m thankful for having programs like this for me to go to. 8 years ago when I was a first time mom, something like this just didn’t exist when it was almost needed the most! We are all #MavenWarriors

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Congratulations Shannon Stewart!! xx



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