Highlights from Blog Podium | Toronto 2017

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“The beauty of social media is that you can create your own path to a creative career.” -Shea McGee

Highlights from Blog Podium | Toronto 2017

Last weekend is still rolling around in my head! Myself and my blogging, mama friend Codi from Creative Wife Joyful Worker packed our bags and flew on Flair Airlines from Vancouver,B.C to Toronto en route to our favourite blogging event, Blog Podium. Also, meeting us there from Nova Scotia was my childhood best friend & maid of honour Katie from Wild Rose Buds. Now, it was really hard to compact everything we learnt in one day, so here it goes!  Continue reading “Highlights from Blog Podium | Toronto 2017”


10 Reasons Why I Blog & Why You Should To

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10 Reasons Why I Blog & Why You Should To

I’ve been putting some thought into this lately. I’m sure I’m not alone. We all go back and forth in our heads the many reasons why we started our blog and what helped push us. It’s not always the most glamorous or easiest but it’s something we enjoy doing and for the reasons listed below. It isn’t something that you would normally think to just start on a whim and have it become successful, at least that wasn’t my intention when I first started. For myself, it started just as a hobby blog to write my inner thoughts. Then it suddenly grew!  Continue reading “10 Reasons Why I Blog & Why You Should To”

Mom’s Night Away | Loden Hotel Giveaway


Mom’s Night Away | Loden Hotel Giveaway

At some point in time it’s almost every mothers dream to sneak away for the night and sleep in a bed all to themselves without a single interruption. To be able to soak in a warm jacuzzi tub & wake up whenever to breakfast and coffee in bed. Best yet, with NO CLEAN UP!! Recently, I got to experience just that with some close girlfriends and mamas. Pretty much a night for the books staying at downtown Vancouver’s award winning Boutique Hotel The Loden. Continue reading “Mom’s Night Away | Loden Hotel Giveaway”

Spring Has Sprung | Easter Gathering


Spring Has Sprung | Easter Gathering 

We can from here on out just hope for good sunny & beautiful weather. Spring Has Sprung! Over the weekend we had the chance to have an early Easter Gathering with our dearest friends to celebrate with our little ones, watching them eat some sugar & hunt for eggs in the rain! It turned out to be good fun with just a tad of chaos which isn’t really surprising with little ones! Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung | Easter Gathering”

Straight Outta My Twenties…


Straight Outta My Twenties…

Owen and I had a pretty funny talk yesterday this is how it went….

Me: “Owen I wish I could be 29 forever, I don’t want to be 30.”

Owen: “Well what can we do to make that happen?”

Me: “Let’s think of some ideas!”

Owen: “We could build a time machine and take you back to when you were 20!?”

Me: “No, because you weren’t born then.”

Owen: “Ok, we could take you back to when you were 28?”

Me: “No, Ella would still be in my belly and not out yet!”

Owen: “Hmmmm. Your turning 30”

Continue reading “Straight Outta My Twenties…”

Heart Eyes {Valentines Day Party}


Heart Eyes {Valentines Day Party}

All the heart eyes over here on this Valentines day Party that myself and a group of friends put together! If theres ever a time to party it’s gotta be Valentines Day. It may seem like a minor holiday, but to us it’s important to celebrate LOVE! Especially with little ones, they love to party and they sure do have a whole lotta LOVE to give! Continue reading “Heart Eyes {Valentines Day Party}”

Happy 2nd Birthday Our Love {Pastel Pretty Party}

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Happy 2nd Birthday Our Love

It may not have started out as the ‘Best Day Ever’. It had it’s bumps, but with this precious face, the love from her brother, Drew, some really amazing friends & family who called & stopped by this weekend to celebrate our little girl turning 2. It was all we needed to get through! Soft, sweet and a touch of sass this girl is and she is ever changing our lives. Always impacting it, sweeting it up or making sure her voice is heard and our ears work! Continue reading “Happy 2nd Birthday Our Love {Pastel Pretty Party}”

Sunset On The Beach | D + K


Sunset On The Beach | D + K

Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better. Drew, me & all of our friends jumped into four different vehicles & drove 20 minutes down the road to our home beach! Defiantly a night to remember. We never wanted it to end…  from what I was told it did around 1am!  Continue reading “Sunset On The Beach | D + K”

Perfect Picnic & Best Friends


Perfect Picnic & Best Friends

A couple of months ago Ella & I were invited to Sarah’s lovely, no GORGEOUS river front home to spend an evening with the girls taking photos! Sarah is the talented maker behind Isn’t She Lovely. Which of course you have to check out, she makes beautiful little pieces for girls from recycled material! I’m always up for times like these, not only because it’s freaking adorable to dress them up but they also have such a great little friendship! Continue reading “Perfect Picnic & Best Friends”