Fall Family Fun at Maan Farms & Why We Love It Here

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Fall Family Fun At Maan Farms & Why We Love It Here

Do you know that feeling you get when your welcomed and feel loved!? It’s a good feeling right! Well, our family always feels this way every time we visit our friends at Maan Farms. It’s always good having that one place close to home that feels like home when you visit. Always guaranteed a filled day of family fun. With each season brings new things and fun to experience here! Continue reading “Fall Family Fun at Maan Farms & Why We Love It Here”


Spring Has Sprung | Easter Gathering


Spring Has Sprung | Easter Gathering 

We can from here on out just hope for good sunny & beautiful weather. Spring Has Sprung! Over the weekend we had the chance to have an early Easter Gathering with our dearest friends to celebrate with our little ones, watching them eat some sugar & hunt for eggs in the rain! It turned out to be good fun with just a tad of chaos which isn’t really surprising with little ones! Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung | Easter Gathering”

A Night In With Family & Chocolat Favoris


Family Night In With Chocolat Favoris

Describe your perfect night in. What would it consist of? The older I get the less I want to get out, maybe its age or exhaustion from a busy week. Never the less a family night in with my little family is always a perfect evening for me! Every one gets overly excited when we mention ‘Movie Night’. Owens ears perk up and he rushes to our living room! We can all agree on family night, sometimes the same doesn’t go for when it comes time to choosing a movie. But one thing is always certain, the movie snack is chocolate! Not just any chocolate either, Chocolat Favoris is our new favourite! Continue reading “A Night In With Family & Chocolat Favoris”

Outdoors With EcoKeepers Discovery Kids | EnviroKidz


EcoKeepers Discovery Kids With EnviroKidz

EcoKeepers Discovery Kids is a great children’s outdoor activity created by Natures Path EnviroKidz as a New Nature Discovery Program to connect kids with the wonders of nature and get them outdoors! What a great idea. Right!? It’s fun for the whole family, classroom, lazy Sunday or any children’s event (even birthday parties!) Better yet, it’s free! Continue reading “Outdoors With EcoKeepers Discovery Kids | EnviroKidz”