Summer Travel With Valco Baby Snap 4



Things have changed just slightly over here in the past few months. We bought a teeny, tiny commuter car! It’s been kind of great for our family of four, not going to lie. Driving into Vancouver for us and parking a truck was sometimes a little hectic. And not only that, juggling a stroller and fitting something into our squishy back seat was not an option with kids in the back, so if it was a rainy day the stroller got soaked!  Continue reading “Summer Travel With Valco Baby Snap 4”


Riding In NUNA TAVO Style


Riding In NUNA TAVO Style

If there was one item on our baby list that confused us the most when pregnant with Ella, it was choosing the stroller! Any parents in the process of purchasing & researching one, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Choosing the right baby gear is a lot of work. I really wish that I had known about the NUNA TAVO back in the day when my babies were babies. Lucky enough, I’m able to have this experience now while Ella stills small. Because if truth be told I’ve never had a brand new & beautiful ride like this one! Continue reading “Riding In NUNA TAVO Style”