Jamie Moore, the definition of a multi-talented tasker! She has single handily taught herself (with the help of Youtube) how to use a sewing machine and create adorable trendy baby and kids apparel. The creator of The Little Moore Shop first began with a vision of making her own children clothes. The Little Moore Shop offers affordable pieces with fast, efficient ordering and shipping this little home based buisness has boomed!  Some of her trendy pieces range from bibdanas, blankets, harem leggings, Mocs and more. What could be “Moore” adorable than seeing pictures of cute little babies in their fashionable Moore clothing!


Q&A with Jaime Moore:

  • What inspired you to create The Little Moore Shop?

“With being pregnant the 3rd time and it being our first boy I found it difficult to find stylish/different boy clothes. Everything I looked at was plaid. So, I decided to order some fabric and try and make leggings. It took off from there. Starting the Mocs took one night of designing with a good neighbour and a few glasses of wine. After of some trial and error I had it!”

  • How do you balance being a home based buisness and being a mom to three?

“First and foremost my kids and family come first. I try and sew during nap times and when they are in bed. I may get a day on a weekend to sew while hubby is home if I really need to.”

  • What are some of your best selling pieces?

“Our bibdanas have been a hit. As they have adjustable straps, breathable and 100% waterproof. But our other hit is our leggings/harem pants made from 100% organic cotton.”

  • What do you enjoy the most about having The Little Moore Shop?

“Seeing the littles in our brand. I love to sew and create and The Little Moore Shop allows me to do this. But in the end seeing a little one in something I MADE warms my heart!!”

  • Do you have any future goals or plans with The Little Moore Shop?

“I would like to see it grow and attend some local markets in 2016. We are looking to hire some help to assist me with the sewing to build up stock.”

  • What would be a fun fact about The Little Moore Shop?

“That I was given my first sewing machine for Christmas 6 years ago and didn’t touch it until last year. My only time I sewed was in grade 8 sewing class until this year and I became Youtube obsessed!! Lol. Thank you to all the lovely ladies that made those videos.”

Jaime Moore

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